Today I got the tram to Laughanstown [not Loughlinstown] in order to visit Tully Church.

Tully Church lies in Laughanstown and it is located in South Dublin, 500 m south-southeast of the Laughanston Luas Tram Stop (Green Line). In order to help you locate it on a map I have geo-tagged all the photographs that I uploaded today.

The church was in use up to about 1615. It came under the authority of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin who supplied clergy to keep it going. It was reported to be in good condition when inspected in 1615, but according to a report in 1630 had been badly damaged in recent storms. After that it was abandoned and fell into ruin.

There are two historic crosses nearby. The cross by the roadside is set upon a plinth and is dedicated to James Crehan (Grehan) who apparently saved the Cross from being discarded when the level of the road was being adjusted in the late 1800s. The plinth replicates the soil removed leaving the Cross standing at its original height. There are a set of worn steps on one side of the plinth which allows one to climb up and view the Cross closely.

There is a second cross in the field opposite Tully Church and this up until about two years ago could be accessed via a low wooden fence but at present you can forget about gain access from the lane leading up to the church. This cross dates from the 12th century and is also reputed to be dedicated to St Brigit.

Laughanstown: The spelling of this name has varied considerably over time, and in some periods was almost indistinguishable from Loughlinstown, the name of which also varied. The spelling Laughanstown was adopted and fixed at the
time of the original Ordnance Survey in the 1830s. However, the evidence suggests that the name used locally was Lehaunstown, and this was noted by the Boundary Survey in the 1820s. Local usage did not change as a result
of the Ordnance Survey’s attempt to impose a new spelling.

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